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Nov 15 2007

Another Clever Use of Lamp Posts to Promote a Small Business…

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There is something wonderfully democratic about this form of Advertising.

You will find applications of it in every country of the world, And because its free, it seems to generate some of the cleverest ideas.

See, I got through this with out one reference to pole dancing.


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Nov 14 2007

A Great Direct Mail Promotion Idea for Small Business


This is a great example of creating a Direct Mail device that grabs attention, illustrates the benefit a customer will receive by using your service.

This promotion includes each of the essential steps:

  • 1. The device is clever and grabs your attention.
  • 2. The  attached label explains clearly the benefit YOU will receive.
  • 3. You are offered a discount to act NOW.

What low cost item could you send to your potential customers that would work this way? 


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Nov 10 2007

Lock Up Your Petrol Tank… this advertising stunt does it for you



Imagine returning to your car after the weeks obligatory hunting and foraging visit to the grocery store, to find some one has padlocked your petrol tank.

Wow! Would this little stunt be noticed, what a great way of using a current topic of global frustration, to sell your alternative (natural gas).

Obviously, the stickers would be printed on that static clingy stuff, so they didn’t damage the cars and really p… people off.

Any Advertising that plugs into local and topical fads, news, or sentiment, always gets a huge “FREE KICK” of instant awareness. It is always a good idea to think how you can make the news of the day apply to your product or service.


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Nov 08 2007

What if you could write copy that MAGNETISED the attention of your customers ?


What if you could say things in your Advertising that excited your customers so much they came running to your business with open check books?

What is you could write things that made customers realize you are the only business in your field worthy of their custom ?

What if I stopped all the questions and told you what I’m on about.

The other night I was sitting at my computer doing blogy stuff, when I noticed an email from the UK, from a lady called Carol Bentley.

She was inquiring about the use of my FREE ebook on creating signs. A couple of emails later I discovered she wanted to use parts of it for one of her clients, which being the shameless self promoter I am, was more than OK by me.

Being the “nosey parker” I am, I followed the link on her email to her new blog, and I really do mean NEW, in fact, then, only two postings old.

Carol Bentley is a copy writer, and from what Ive seen so far, a damn good one.

I like to think I know a bit about Direct Mail writing, but after reading her two most recent posts, I realized some people, a very few, have a really great talent and knack of teaching this copy writing stuff very clearly, to us mere mortals.

Carol’s two most recent posts “What if…” (yes that’s where I stole this posts heading from) and

“Here’s 8 elements for a powerful sales letter…” will teach you how to start writing letters and copy that will work. the reason I’m suggesting you get on over to her site and register your email right now is: If you follow her easy steps, within a very short time you too will be writing copy that generates sales. Your adds will be read, and more importantly, your adds will be acted upon.

The bottom line is: If you are spending your hard earned dollars on any form of Advertising, you MUST learn how to produce copy that works. Don’t rely on anybody in the Advertising sales section of printers, newspapers, sign writers etc. to know this stuff, they don’t, and their advice is based on their needs, not yours. You need to have a good knowledge of copy writing yourself, it’s the accelerator pedal of your business.

Because Carol is in the early stages of the development of her site, you will benefit by being able to learn all the basic building blocks that are essential. Her site is well worth a visit, I’m getting her email notifications of new posts each day, and have found everyone of them has taught me something I will use everyday.

Here’s the link to Carol Bentley’s site again, just in case you missed it.


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Oct 09 2007

I Defy Anyone to Ignore This Clever Advertising Campaign



The above photos don’t need any additional explanation from me…

What a superb piece of communication delivered in a manner that would thrill every recipient.

Just think, — It’s not often, we are grateful to receive advertisements.

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Oct 02 2007

How a home contractor hit the jackpot with this simple promotion


Now here’s an idea so simple it’s almost silly…

That is, until you learn that it provides this window cleaner and his 20 man team with over 90% of their work, and has increased his sales by over 400%!

Maybe it’s not quite so silly after all…

In fact I saw it recently while taking my dog for a walk, It prompted me to think about the state of our windows, so, I took one of the yellow flyer’s shown in the photo graph and he made another sale.

Part of its effectiveness is its immediacy… I would have walked straight past a nicely sign written vehicle with out a second look. But this was different, it spoke to me and it worked.

This same technique will work for any business with vehicles that are out and about. And I’m sure you can think of lots of ways to make your sales message stand out even more.

What a great way to turn a non performing cost into a sales tool

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Aug 11 2007

Strategic Partnerships

host_bensml1.jpg Here is a great way to tap into the existing customers

of other business’s all around you.

Click on the pic to enlarge

Create a good looking coupon with a powerful offer to attract customers. Then, make the other business (the one who already has the customers) look like the hero. Doing this, instantly gives you the opportunity to attract the “Life Time Value” of a new customer at far less than the cost of Advertising. This type of promotion is extremely powerful for almost all types of business. I have seen some astounding results from this seemingly simple strategy.

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