Jan 07 2008

Re-discovering Eclectic Japan

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At last I have been able to grab a few moments and some broadband access to make a posting from a busy internet cafe in Tokyo.

We have spent the last few days rediscovering the essentricities of Tokyo. We have been staying in a quant little Ryokan (traditional Japanese Hotel) right in the heart of Akihabara (the electronic shopping hub of Tokyo) much to the delight of my computer obsessed 16 year old son. From there we have explored Art Galleries, the Ginza and the myriad of enchanting back alleys that provide a glimpse of modern Japanese suburban life.

Japan remains one of the most unique travel experiences available and the snow skiing rates with the best in the world. Since their ongoing financial struggles, Japan’s prices have returned to normal, and today, are consderably less than those in most parts of Europe.

I spent a lot of time in Japan during the late 80′ early 90’s and the prices then were ridiculous and westerners constantly grimaced every time a wallet was required.

The really fun part of Japan, their eccentricity, is still, I’m happy to report, still alive and well.

I don’t know what they put in the water here, but I’m seriously thinking of botteling and exporting it… at every turn there is some strange sign, quirky fashion or fabulous fetish to entertain and challange your imagination.

Here’s a quick example to wet your appetite. I’ve got heaps more fun stuff to share but have to catch our plane to Hong Kong (My favorite Asian city).

Japanese Sex Dolls

The photo above is of the CEO of a Japanese company that manufactures sex dolls modeled on the stars of animated Japanese cartoons. Apart from the the rather provocative placement of the good gentlemans right hand, I am told that these silcon hussey’s are so ridiculously expensive that many of the huge client base choose to hire them on a monthly basis. Now call me old fashioned, but I just dont relish the thought of taking delivery of a second hand product of this type.

But maybe I’m just being prudish.

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