Nov 21 2007

New Yorks Nude Restaurant

Published by Lindsay at 10:43 am under NEW CONCEPTS

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O.M.G. They must be kidding… a Nude restaurant, why, why, WHY?

Who got up this morning and thought, what the world needs right now, is a nude restaurant?

Despite the bitter cold weather, (now there’s a small problem…) nudists in New York are now holding “Clothing Optional” dinners in the city.

One frequent nude diner, (I wonder where he keeps his loyalty card) a 65 year old retired junior high school English teacher: This just keeps getting better and better) “It’s exciting to be in a restaurant nude.” Yeah right!

One woman Sandy, who is in her 40s, said she’s “never felt self-conscious about her body”, in fact she enjoys dining in the nude, but when it comes to partaking in a naked yoga class, she gets a bit more modest.  Maybe she’s saving herself for the gravity defying Volley ball games that seem to be obligatory at all the better nudist resorts. (I’m told).

I guess it would be a great venue for the next office Christmas party! or maybe, somewhere to take the in-laws the next time they make one of those unexpected, prolonged visits.

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