Sep 16 2007

Naked ladies as food platters… this makes Hooters look positivley tame

Published by Lindsay at 9:34 am under GUERRILLA TACTICS, NEW CONCEPTS, Word of Mouth Ideas

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And you thought sushi trains were unique!, this photo reveals exactly what the Japanese have planned as their next dastardly secret weapon in the fight for our dining dollar… Sushi served on the naked body of a woman.

Somehow, I don’t think this is going to be a common sight at many suburban family restaurants, however, apparently there are thousands of venues in Japan that serve their male patrons this way.


My fingers are just itching to type out the hundreds of silly puns and clever alliterations that leap to mind, however, with an of unusual degree self constraint, I will not.

I think, this truly is a case where a photo does tell a thousand words, (many would consider 1000 words too many).

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If you decide to use this method to promote your restaurant, please don’t tell anyone you read the idea here… I will absolutely deny it.


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