Nov 25 2008

A Syringe For Drinks! are they kidding?

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O.K. It is edgy, so the kids and the anarchists will love it!
But it will also put some conservatives (thinkers not political parties) way off.
Oh bugger it, I have to admit I would use it in my places and even use it to get a couple inside myself for a laugh. Actually, I’m just not quite ready, yet, to say I disapprove of something with a bit of edge to it.

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Nov 11 2008

Beer is Always Fun

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Nov 06 2008

Here’s Something With Absolutely Nothing To Do With Restaurants

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But it will probably burn a hole in your brain…

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Nov 05 2008

Dutch Ovens and Pedal Pubs…

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Is their no end to the cleverness and entrepreneurial talents of the Dutch?
They have now exported their pedal pub crawl thingy to the U.S.
Looks like great fun, I just wonder where the toilet is…

More info at

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Oct 31 2008

No, It is NOT a Picture of a Main Street Banker…

It’s a very clever Advertising device for Adidas
And it’s a great example of how you should look around you for attention grabing opportunities upon which to park you promotional material. Sure, this may be a little beyond most budgets, but there are lots opportunities that fit any budget.

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Oct 29 2008

Do Something Different To Make Your Advertising Noticed…

O.K. I admit it I stole the headline from Seth Godin (but he’s been borrowing a bit himself)
The whole point of the photo below is: it grabs our attention with a healthy degree of good humor. It is a very powerful social comment, and with just a bit of thought could be transferred into a promotional device by attaching a well thought out poster Advertising your business. The trick is WHAT MESSAGE would be appropriate? what can you come up with?

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Oct 28 2008


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I am about to do something very drastic…
Last week I decided to do some housekeeping on this blog and update my software. (It seemed like a good idea at the time) However, the data Gods showed their disapproval by munching up all my subscriber links, which means you are probably no longer receiving the daily email updates (and maybe, not even reading this)
If my site statistics are any indication, I am now writing this blog to myself and my Mother in law (who only reads it so she can make disparaging remarks about my spelling and grammar)

I need your help to spread the word and re-register using your favorite method.
SORRY! (I am however very glad you can not hear my true language)

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Oct 28 2008

In loving memory of the boom economy

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I think this sums up the current sentiment much more eloquently than mere words…

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Oct 21 2008

A Drink Coaster Guaranteed To Grab Attention

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The picture say’s it all…
What a great value add when serving drinks.
It may be a good idea to get a drink company to share the costs because, Yes, they will be stolen/taken home!! Just think, they will then be seen by friends family and work mates. I bet that doesn’t happen with your standard Advertising.

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Oct 20 2008

How To blow Up A Church and Get Some Free Publicity

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Maybe this is simply an inflationary tale…
but if you are trying to develop or expand your activities into the wedding market, here is a promotional idea that will grab some attention and generate a whole lot of FREE publicity.

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Oct 16 2008

The New Beer Bag Advertising Idea

 This is yet another great way to use carry bags to grab attention and promote your business.

I simply can not understand why some businesses continue to use boring bag designs when there are so many brilliant ideas around.

Once again, it’s simply a matter of converting an existing, non productive, cost into a supercharged Advertising and promotional tool.



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Oct 15 2008

Slap Some Famous Faces On Your Pizzas and Generate Some FREE Publicity…

 O.K. I know all this is a bit low brow and horribly kitsch,

But the fact is, people (especially the one that leave Lego blocks all over the floor) love this stuff and love to spread the word about it…

This is the U.K’s effort, c’mon world lets show them what the rest of us can do…

I eagerly await your George W’s  and Obama’, But please, NO Palin’s, it would be just too hard to swallow.


Robbie Burns


Her Maj


The divine Camila, looking extra SPECIAL in green.


The Becks


Wayne Rooney

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Oct 14 2008

Protect Your Feet, Create An Advertising Campaign with Lego Blocks…

 Those with children will know only too well just how dangerous these little chunks of plastic are…

You know the pain of discovering these sharp little beasts during a late night, barefooted, tip toe through the darkness.

Well now I can help you solve the problem, show this photo to your kids, and bribe or threaten them into producing a similar set of characters for your next promotion. they certainly will grab some attention and get rid of those colorful little minefields off your floors.


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Oct 13 2008

We All Love FREE Stuff…

 This promotional stunt was for a gymnasium, but you too could use it tomorrow…

The power of this promotion is in the Something for FREE factor plus it’s a highly visible public event, plus, the business name features on every pic and is included in the background of the caricature. Very clever thinking and would be surprisingly low cost.



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Oct 09 2008

The Ultimate Sexist Advertising Stunt…

 This is so clever and so humorous it can be forgiven for being so blatantly sexist…

and I defy you to ignore it!


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